Environmental Consulting

Envirosphere Consultants Limited is a full-service environmental consulting company, offering services in environment, research, and water testing.

Our Packages

Benthic Invertebrate Studies & Monitoring

Analysis of invertebrate organisms that live in lake and river sediments, is a powerful tool for assessing and monitoring human impacts on the aquatic environment. Envirosphere can determine the distribution of these macro-benthic communities, their abundance and diversity to demonstrate the health of our environment.

  • Lake, river and stream sampling and analysis for macrobenthos.
  • Design and execution of monitoring studies for regulatory compliance for municipal facilities including landfills and sewage treatment facilities.
  • Envirosphere Consultants Limited has analyzed more freshwater samples of this type in Eastern Canada than any other company over the past decade. Extensive library of taxonomic literature on various groups.
  • Custom research studies and lab analyses and surveys.
  • Environmental monitoring, and consulting on water quality issues.

Industrial & Regulatory

Envirosphere provides knowledgeable personnel to manage the approval process for a wide range of industrial activities in the Nova Scotia environment. We’ve conducted environmental assessments, provincial registrations of a range of projects, federal Fisheries Act approvals for water-related projects, wetlands authorizations, and have experience in undertaking compensation and offset projects. Projects have involved facilities construction, highway bridge reconstruction, quarries, harbour dredging, and marine tidal energy installations.

  • Regulatory approvals & management – Freshwater, marine & wetlands

    Envirosphere Consultants personnel provide expertise on obtaining authorizations for projects which impact fish-bearing waters and wetlands. We provide support through all stages of federal and provincial authorization processes, from on-site studies to environmental monitoring after projects are completed.
  • Environmental Assessment

    Envirosphere Consultants personnel have experience with conducting environmental assessments required for certain types of projects both federally and provincially, to speed you through the approval process. We have been involved in assessments for dredging projects, tidal turbine installations, quarries, coastal infrastructure, and other industrial development in Atlantic Canada in support of regulatory approvals at both federal and provincial levels.
  • Wetland Alteration & Assessment

    We’ve carried out many projects involving wetland, botanical, fisheries and bird species assessments of development sites. Put us on the ground and we can quickly and assuredly define the issues and approaches required to address these concerns.
  • Baseline Surveys & Environmental Monitoring

    We provide biologists on the ground to conduct baseline studies in support of project requirements, for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments in Atlantic Canada. Call us and let us show you the way to successfully meeting your project requirements.
  • Pits & Quarries

    Envirosphere Consultants conducts biophysical and socioeconomic assessments, registrations and renewals for Nova Scotia quarry operators. Let us work with you to quickly solve your regulatory problems.

Environmental Science

We study all aspects of the biological environment and water quality, using skills in databases, geographic information systems (GIS), statistical analysis, and technical reporting.

  • “Environmental science is the study of all the mechanisms of environmental processes…it examines environmental problems with the goal of contributing to their solution”.
    J.M. Moran, M.D. Morgan and J.H. Wiersma. Introduction to Environmental Science, 2nd Ed.

    Since its inception, the team at Envirosphere Consultants Limited has been applying our expertise and that of our associates to solve a wide range of environmental problems, naturally from a multidisciplinary perspective. We offer expertise in oceanography, ecology, water chemistry and water quality, botany, environmental science, hydrogeology, zoology, wetlands, sediments, and aquatic and marine biology. We have undertaken and successfully completed a wide range of studies for government and industry, which have added to our understanding of the world around us and of human impacts on it.

Birds and Wildlife Assessments & Monitoring

Industrial projects, subdivisions, forestry and other human activities have often unappreciated impacts on birds. Envirosphere offers a team of competent observers who can confirm occurrence and and monitor behaviour and activities of birds on land and over water, to allow industry to meet regulatory requirements.Contact us for training courses.

  • Breeding bird and owl surveys for assessment of industrial sites proposed for development.
  • Monitoring of endangered bird species in the vicinity of industrial facilities.
  • Long-term monitoring of seabird and coastal waterfowl populations for assessment of industrial impacts.
  • Identification and training courses.
  • Wildlife observers for a range of projects.

Biological Studies & Lab Services

We specialize in biological studies of terrestrial, freshwater, and seabed environments, including sediment sampling, wetland analysis, drop camera surveys, and biological community analysis.

  • We specialize in biological studies with a focus on aquatic and terrestrial environments.
  • Aquatic Environments

    Fish habitat assessments, HADD applications and approvals, watercourse alteration approval applications, fish relocation, fish habitat compensation, benthic invertebrate sampling and monitoring, seaweed surveys and underwater video assessment, aquatic habitat monitoring, sedimentation studies.
  • Terrestrial Environments

    Avifauna surveys and monitoring; botanical surveys; wetland delineation and functional assessment surveys; wetland alteration approvals and compensation plans; amphibian and reptile surveys.